Improve readability of app text difficult to see in the sun

Some text (particularly the light grey) is hard to see in bright sunlight

Agree here with the grey.
Also applies to a couple of other areas, eg the red on the status line at the top of the data entry screen, is a very light crimson, would stand out better as red.
Can we change the symbol used to show project of map data refreshing as well, those little lines above the globe are hard to see even in good lighting. Can we stick with with something more common thats easy to see and intuitive to understand, eg the circle going around.


We can take a look at these. Has changing to the white forms helped?

There’s an argument for a high contrast mode (almost an accessibility mode, bigger buttons too) and something that’s been in the back of mind from the beginning.

There’s big variability in terms of device capability, screen brightness, screen resolution and then the environment it’s used in (bush vs open.) First release had to work in all devices.

Definitely some quick fixes here though so thanks for the feedback.

Hi Andy, yes the white forms has helped, new app releases have steadily improved things for readability, thanks.