Inconsistent trap total


We have an inconsistent trap total. According to the trap inventory it says we have 943 DOC200 traps but when I download a csv file of the traps there are only 942. Any idea why this might be? Just trying to ensure that our volunteers are assigned to all traps they will come across in the field.

Many thanks,
(Hollyford Conservation Trust project)

kia ora @njyamamoto you have a supplementary trap that shows on the inventory but not on the "manage traps csv. The manage traps looks at installations (where a supplementary is counted as one) the inventory looks at the number traps available supplementary = 2 I hope this helps

Ah that makes sense. Thanks for your help!

Is there a way to search for supplementary traps? We’re not using them so it must’ve been added by accident at some point.

I will email you with the code the supplementary is on