Incorrect roles assigned to existing members

In a number of our projects, members who were formerly “Trapper” are now “Org Member”. But we are not using the “Org Member” facility. Please change the Org Members back to Trapper. Thanks.

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yes, we have the same thing.
great to have that as an option, but please, don’t change them without warning or advising admins or consulting even.

for us to fix this problem, it would be helpful to be able to sort by column heading.
thanks for adding the sort option to lots of other lists & tables.

sorry, yet again…
when I try to change back users who have been marked wrongly as “Org list of options to include “Trapper”, member”, I want to give some the least level of access, ie “Trapper”. But that option does not come up. \

Please amend the list to include “Trapper”, or preferably, “Retired”.

Sorry all, this was a misconfiguration and has been fixed. To be clear there was no change in functionality, just the role name shown.