Installation categories

Could we have additional categories for installations? We have a number of Weta hotels in our reserve, and will soon be installing botanical signs. It would be good to be able to mark their locations.

A great idea. Wetas are a good indicator of rodent control. Just takes a wee while for them to populate their new home.

Hi Christine,

You can add custom types for monitoring devices from the project home page:

Hope that helps.


That works for the website, but I would like it on the App so I can add them in the field.

Hi @Christine

Once you add the category - it will be available when adding stations in the app

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Is it possible to choose a colour for the different monitoring categories that we add ourselves? It would good to be able to easily see the different categories on the map. I see that there are different colours for tracking cards, wax blocks and ornithological sites, but any categories I’ve added are all orange the same as the ornithological ones - it’s a bit confusing.
Also it would be good to be able to edit the name of categories added.