Installation date on the app

Would it be possible that on the app when clicking onto a trap location that the date of installation comes up as well please.

@Quickenberry unfortunately as you’re aware the current options doesn’t offer you this, however, if this is something you are wanting to refer to when checking your installations, as an easy workaround, add the date to the installation notes. These notes stay on the app for reference every time you open the installation.

Dear Leonore
Thank you so much. I have tried that but on my app when l put the date into notes and save it when i re open the app the note disappears! What do I do wrong?

What happens Leonore is that when I put something into notes on the app (phone) it creates a record on (computer). Like under ‘add a new trap record’. Thank you. Robert

@Quickenberry installation notes stay with the installation on the app for you to view at every service, as well as become a note on the website. Service notes migrate to the website only. Installation notes will not be recorded under a new trap record/ service.