Installations Missing

Hi, I was using the app to enter in some catch data this morning and all of my installations disappeared from the screen. They are back now, but for a couple of hours the app was unusable.

Should’ve looked like this:

Like I say, it’s all looking normal just now…

Oh and by the way, I had bait stations, traps etc. ticked ‘on’ in the layers screen.

Thanks for the heads up David. Hard to debug those ones. Hitting Menu > Project Settings > Synchronise should always resolve this. I saw your other message about the Project Settings error page so perhaps you were trying that.

Let me know if you’re on v4.1.1 and if this happens again.


Hi Andy, as per other message, I’m on 4.1.0.

Ok, if it happens again I’ll try the synchronise. Didn’t know about it. And I’ll let you know.