Ios phone app only showing traps I added

My phone only shows me a trap i added to my line despite me being an advanced trapper, and it showing on the computer. it show the one trap as on my line (not as a unassociated one i’ve added) and when i go to edit the line it only shows the one trap (again on the desktop it shows them all) so i cant set all traps to re-baited on my phone, this is really annoying as it means i can’t update my line as effectively. Any help would be awesome -Dan

Kia ora @dan_percy this is because of the membership permissions for an advanced trapper

  • Trappers
    • Can add new lines and installations to a project.
    • Can view, edit, and add records to installations which they’ve added, or have been assigned to.
  • Advanced trappers
    • Can do everything above, and also…
    • Can view any installation in the project (web only, the app displays only owned and assigned installations)

for more help here is the link to the help doc regarding permissions