Is 6.2.21 the latest version of the App? Any problems detected?

My iphone app is stuck trying to synch and is not showing any traps

Hi Tony,

It is a major upgrade so depending on what version you’ve come from, there may be niggles.

I would suggest:

  1. Try a soft reset (Menu > Settings > Advanced > Soft reset). If that doesn’t help:
  2. Export your logs as JSON, then a hard reset (Menu > Settings > Advanced > Hard reset)

Send the JSON file to


Hi Andy, thanks for your reply. The soft reset did not work. Can you please remind me of the process to export logs? Thanks, Tony

Hi Andy, I think I sent you the files! I have done the hard reset and the projects are showing traps, have sync’d and seem ok. Cheers, Tony

So I went out to do my line and there were doubles of every trap so a double would have 4. Had no idea which two to record. Went to move 1 and could not find the move option until I went to the other options to what I had been recording so not sure what data has been recorded or lost. I have tried exporting the data from one of my phones - today I was using an Android - and nothing happens. I can see all todays data though, waiting to be exported but that is all its doing.

Mine also and several other trappers not able to use since Sunday.
It asked for reset and I said layer and now not showing any traps and symbol stuck on rolling

@marianmilnenz follow this help doc and it should be back to normal Resetting the ... | Trap.NZ Help & User guides