Is there a techncial standard for predator control database terminology and data formating?

Hi, I think I read somewhere that a technical standard of predator control database formatting and terminology was being worked on? Is there any progress on this?
I am currently uploading database information from Celium to TrapNZ but having to do a lot of find and replace formatting in upload csv files since every system is using different terminology. Also some TrapNZ terms really are not suitable for some sensor trap terms.
With the increasing number of automated trapping and recording devices on the market and the information being fed into different information management systems the situation needs a standard to aid the transfer of data.

Here is the link to the data standards:

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Awesome, I have some reading to do. But some good lookup tables, that are easy to use, are there to give me advice on how I should rename some current trapping data for future use.

If you use a special tool for schema and attribute mapping it will be much easier. This is what FME excels at. Do you need some help? I could either show you how or do it for you. You can get a trial licence or maybe use someone else’s.

FME is probably a tool I should learn sometime :slight_smile: