Is there a way to upload catch records in bulk?

Is there a way to upload multiple records of catches (from numerous traps) in a batch? E.g. via a file in CSV format? If not, are there any plans to allow this function in future?

Our trapping project has a master record of all catches held in a spreadsheet, but to get the records into Trap NZ, it seems that we need to input them one at a time.


Also very interested in this, hoping Trap.NZ staff will pick this thread up!

We’ve added a bulk import (from CSV file) function under the Traps menu.

Hi Dan, that sounds good and I would like to try it,but I can’t see what you’ve described.
I’ve tried to attach screenshot to this post for reference. Can you show a screenshot of where the bulk import function is please?

Hi - sorry - should have mentioned that bulk import facility is only available to project admins at the moment.

Hi Dan, thanks for the reply and fair enough. I’ll get in touch with my ‘boss’. By the way, do you know if there is a restriction on how many project admins a particular project can have? i.e. is it limited to 1 person or the one who set up the project originally? Thanks.

Hi Dan (again) - thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I got promoted this evening by our project administrator, so I can now see the Import Records page and corresponding documentation. I’m looking forward to trying it out. Cheers, Michael

You can have any number of admins on a project :slight_smile:

Hey, just had some records fail to import because it doesn’t like the value ‘Still set, bait bad’, also the help text suggests that’s a valid value. Am I missing something?

PS. Uploading catches has changed my life!

If your file is comma separated, have you got double quotes around the values in question? e.g. “Still set, bait bad”

Yes, I’m using comma separated. Have just checked out the CSV, Google Sheets has added double quotes…but there’s a space at the end of the text "Still set, bait bad " which I must have added when entering the data into Sheets. No doubt that’ll be the reason it failed. Thanks.

Thanks for that info! Someone else had a similar issue. Any trailing white space should be trimmed automatically on import but it looks likes it fails on a non-breaking space (these can get added if you cut and paste).

Hi, I’ve just tried doing a bulk import using the import records function of my project’s historical data (just over 22,000 records spread over around 1000 traps). Unfortunately the import stalled halfway through when it hit a line of bad data, which I have since cleaned up. I deleted the records that had been entered to avoid double ups and want to now have a second go at importing our historical records, but the import records screen is still frozen with a message saying “currently busy, please wait (51%)” which is where it got stuck on my first import attempt two hours ago. Does anybody know how to reset things so that I can have another go at a bulk import? Thanks very much for your help! Sanjay

Morena. Does anyone have an Excel spreadsheet that they would be willing to share to be used as a template (already set up with pick lists for values) that converts to a .csv for uploading years of historical catches (I’m a spreadsheet novice) Thanks


We use an on-line google spreadsheet with a few pick lists set up for bulk uploads, but it is a bit rough though and creating the .csv is fiddly, but still better than doing manual entries into Trap NZ.

If you don’t get any better offers I’m happy to share a copy, but I need a bit of time to tidy up the copy and remove our own trap records from it.

Cheers, Michael

Thanks Michael. That would be most helpful. Jane

Can you see if you can use this link? If so, please copy the file, and I will delete mine at a later date.

I did say this was a bit rough… there are 3 tabs in the spreadsheet:
Columns B-N are the ones to fill out on the first tab - the other columns A,O,P are just to help with validation.
The second tab is the source for the lists - you can update columns A&B to suit the names of your traps and lines. These have to match exactly the names set up in Trap NZ otherwise the import won’t be 100% successful
The third tab is used to make the bulk import file for trap NZ - copy columns C-N from the first tab into here, then download the contents of this tab as CSV. (Which can then be imported into Trap NZ)


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Thanks so much. I will try your file

Did this issue ever get resolved? I have just encountered the same issue with an upload freezing at 33%. I have left it overnight but there has been no further progress this morning. I don’t seem to be able to cancel the upload either.

Hi @Bill_Knox - occasionally the import gets stuck. It should be OK now - but if it happens again please email with a copy of the file you are trying to up load, and the project name.