Is there an efficient way to enter alternate lures on a line on the app?

Kia ora,

I have a lot of lines that are part of a lure trial and was wondering if there is a way that you could set the alternate lures as defaults on the app? There are 3 lures different lures that we are trialling. They are spaced out like this on the lines 1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3. At the moment the data is entered on the app but only one lure is selected, it is the changed on the desktop version using the “tags” function.

If there isn’t a way of doing this on the app. Is this something that could be added? There are a heap of different groups out there that are doing lure trials, and this function would be super handy!

Currently there is no baked in method. We are doing trials on a local project too so would like that functionality as well.

What you could do is tag each traps as the intended trial lure type, treat them all the same when doing your line walks. Post trial, bulk modify the records (filtered by each lure tag) to update the lure type (do that for each lure type obviously.) That would be a reasonably efficient way to accomplish it.

Hi Andy,

We are already using tags on the desktop after recording catches on app in the field. What is the process to push changes to the app?