Is this guy OK? I saw a ruru and it wasn't dark

Hi, I saw this guy on magic carpiet, he hung around a took a real good look at me. I hope he is just keeping odd hours rather than sick or something.

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Nice photo!

I’ve seen a few ruru during daylight hours, and tons of photos. I’ve never read or heard anything about that being unusual. It certainly looks healthy.

I’m originally from Canada, where a number of owl species can be seen during daylight hours.

@mattdwyerda you’re so lucky it is hard to get images of ruru. Apparently when they hear a noise they will wake and wait till the noise goes before going back to sleep

Thanks nice to know he is probably OK! Seeing owls frequently during the day would be a great thing for NZ.

Nice pic.

Yes, I think this is normal, I have seen Ruru from time to time during the day. As Lenore says, lucky you!