Issue with Trap records going missing from app

We have recently been getting an intermittent bug which is removing our trap records from Trap NZ throughout the day. After saving a record it goes green on the map but later it goes back to white and when it syncs no data comes through for the tarp. This is happening both within and out of reception and even when the phone is left on airplane mode throughout the day

We have had the same problem recently - entering camera data in to the app which then disappears. Phone has reception.

Yup, we’ve been having the same problem: phone has reception, all appears okay at ‘save’ but the sync doesn’t occur. When we review the logs, we see ‘record failed’. It’s typically 3-4 trap records a day being lost. Of those, the majority are when an image is involved.

We are having this issue without any photo data being involved :confused:

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ve let the dev team know and we’ll keep you updated with our progress. It’d be helpful to know which version of the app this is happening on for each of you, as we’ve released a number of updates over the last week. You can find this info in the app Menu > About > Version.

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The Trap.NZ Team

I have the same issues. I’m using version 4.1.6. It’s occurring with or without pictures. Syncing isn’t working for these records.

We’ve been having problems as well- on 11/12/21, 14/12/21 and 15/12/21, multiple projects, multiple phones- we’ve lost records from existing traps and when placing new traps. Seems to have been more of a problem when out of reception / intermittent reception. Version 4.1.6.

I have also had this issue on 15/11/21 when in limited reception. Lost records when creating new traps and entering records. Can not see the new traps or latest records on the website or app. I am using Version 4.1.6.

Apologies, we’ve confirmed an issue with v4.1.6. A fix is in v4.1.9 which is in open beta now. It ‘should’ also recover the records that aren’t syncing, but worth manually noting them in case this doesn’t happen.

Android users are welcome to test the new release at the following:

We will roll it out to live as soon we can, later this week all going well.

Ngā mihi.

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Hi, I’m using 4.1.13 on iOS… and the issue has returned. After the promised fix over Christmas, things went well but today, all of my users have lost records. The app is also super-slow on iOS and the loading time on the web is just painful.

I’m a huge fan of Trap.NZ but it is becoming unreliable and increasingly difficult to persuade my team to use. There’s increasing pressure to move back to paper and spreadsheets. I really, really don’t want to do this. It would be really useful to have more transparency in terms of service issues. This forum is useful but it isn’t an enterprise-class support system.

How can we get a more reliable and performant app?


Can you please contact - we’d like to get some more details off you (including project and trap details + usernames). We have had performance issues which we are working on, but losing records is obviously a concern.

Please, what happened to this topic? Is it meant to be fixed or still in the pipeline? One of our users had three records lost last week, from iOS app. Only found out when entering data from next bait visit. Potentially it may be just not pressing “Save” properly. I doubt it, 3 times, but no proof obviously.


Hi Jo,

Send all the details including the exported App version, and logs (Menu > Logs > Export logs) to if you can.