Joining 2 lines and retaining the traps

I have joined two nearby lines to make one longer one. I first deleted both lines, leaving only the traps. After redrawing the new longer line from trap to trap and renaming it, I can no longer get the traps to show up along the line when I ’ filter’ for the line. They show up on the over all project still. I was warned that the traps may not be allocated to the new line when I deleted the original. How can I fix this? Thanks

If you are a project administrator you can assign traps to a line in bulk via the “Manage traps” menu option.

Select the traps you wish to assign to a line using the checkbox to the left of the trap. You can sort by line by clicking the column heading (click again to reverse the sort and get traps that aren’t assigned to any line first).

Choose “Change trap details” from the operations drop down and Execute. You can then check the Trap line box and select the line to assign the traps to.