Just lost eight records on phone

I opened the app, version 3.1.3, and logged in before I left wi-fi coverage. After recording data about eight A24s it logged me out (I was taking pictures on a different app but didn’t try to log out). When I got home there was nothing on any log nor any data transfered.

Fortunately I also recorded the data on paper.

I will try again this afternoon but have little confidence in the phone app now.

Hi Ratgirl,

There is a memory issue with v3.1.3, it relates to photos against records. V3.1.12 is about to be released which address this.

I’ll private message you and perhaps get you early access to try out v3.1.12


Thanks Andy, the next visit went fine. Weird. Then a later one lost some and uploaded others.
Can you email celia.wade-brown AT outlook.com please? I wasted time by replying to your no-reply email!!