Line bulk recording

When I’m adding bait stations record to a line, would it be possible to add record in bulk instead of adding record for each station?
For example, the active ingredient, target species, formulation, concentration are the same. The Bait remaining, bait removed and bait added sometimes varies but is usually the same. It would be great to see that feature in both the laptop and mobile versions to speed up the data entry process.
For the Bait remaining, bait removed and bait added, it could be good to have a bulk entry, then to be able to manually correct if some entries differ.
Thank you!

Via the web
Best option for the moment is to use the CVS upload. At some point it will follow the app approach below:

Via the app:
See the following, use the ‘Manual Complete’ option rather than the Line Walk option (currently it defaults to remaining/removed to zero, but this is being addressed.)

Thank you! I will try the Line Walk for Bait station and see what’s best for us!

I would advise not using the “Manual Complete” option on the app for bait stations. As Andy says, the “baits remaining” and “baits removed” default to zero - which is almost certainly wrong in most cases.

You also can’t enter a date with “Manual Complete” on the app. So unless you’re entering the current day’s data, that’s going to be wrong too.