Line Cancel Function deletes catch data

Kia ora folks - one app function of particular concern is the ‘Cancel’ option following completion of a walk line event as this deletes all the catch data for that line/day event. This has proven to be incredibly frustrating for trappers that all viewed this option as one to cancel the ‘Finish Line’ action (e.g. to go back and amend a trap entry).
The shared view that there’s an option to delete an entire days work is one of incredulity.
Could this option be either amended/removed or perhaps the rationale behind this option detailed?
Ngā mihi

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Kia ora Jamie,

Fully agree that ‘Cancel’ is misleading and at the very least should provide a modal warning/confirmation. The rationale was that throughout the app every ‘press and hold’ action is permanent, and the need to ‘resume’ was not envisaged or requested through the months of end user testing. Continual improvement is what we’re here to do though so many thanks for raising it.

With regards to amending, what is the shared view on:

Save | Resume | Exit (with appropriate warning.)


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I like that as a more clear option for that point in things

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