Line Reports kill request

Possibly I am missing an easy way to do this I would like to be able to only see the traps on any line that have, on last check or whenever , killed something rather than a specific predator. So I don’r need/want to look back through all the ones that haven’t caught anything. So “all kills”? option
It’s also annoying that if I look for a line report I have to get the data by leaving the Line report, go to traps select the line etc etc - too many steps IMHO


Have you tried the trap records with map? You can isolate the track and dates and it will give you a visual of the traps that have catches

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Hi Lenore,

No. I haven’t but I would rather see a list of traps on a line with kills than go to each one in open then close then go to next one. It does look cool and useful but I just want to stop going step after step after step repeat repeat repeat and filtering out the zeroes would be easier all round.


I keep my own record book of date,catches,what trap caught,and bait used. This is SO SO much quicker than trying to figure out how to use this website.

In my case it’s as an Admin wanting this not my own trapping data.

It sounds like you are struggling to learn how to use TrapNZ, which I must admit like a lot of programs it is not always the most intuitive as we expect.
I highly recommend you contact your local community trapping group and get in contact with one of their TrapNZ experts for one on one advise on entering information into TrapNZ. This will save a lot of time in double handling info from paper to database.
There are easy tricks in the TrapNZ software to allow the automatic entering of different lure types to DOC 200 vs Vectors etc that you are having trouble with. But this is best to be shown one on one.

Like a lot of programs it is easy once you know how :slight_smile:

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Can’t you just select the lines you’re wanting this info for and run that report?

There’s a list of traps under the map too.

Hi @cragrat

Try the Catches by Trap report now and see if it works for you. We’ve added a species filter - you will need to select all species except “None” (Click the first and then shift-click the last species) to select traps that have caught something, but it also means you can easily find traps that haven’t caught anything by setting it to " None".

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Hi David,
To me it isn’t obvious how to show only the traps that have caught something on a line but not the ones that have no kills and in a list format. I just want to filter out the stuff I don’t need. There are certainly some useful tools hidden away in here

Oh maybe you want the Catches by trap report?

Load up that report, choose the line(s) you want, date range etc. Then click Apply.

Then sort on the Total column. Click it twice to have higher numbers first.

Does that do what you want?

Yeah but would it be just as easy to have an “all species” in the species column so only the ones with any including “unspecified” and “other” since they have “none” already?

I don’t really follow what you mean there?

Hi David
See Dans reply above. All I really wanted was a filter for all the species caught which would automatically exclude traps with none. can now do that by selecting all (except none) in the species column

Great, thank you
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