Lines not showing traps in app and web

lines all created, traps installed, but lines in app-not there

I’ve sent this through to the development team to check it out for you

Thanks Lanore, we are Birdlife on Codgers.

Frustrating, I’m sure it’s something simple.

Hi there,

I added a regular test user to your project and logged into the app, the lines appear to be showing. Perhaps you had a bad internet connection?

Try again with wifi access and let us know if you still have issues.



Thanks for this, no the lines are there, but the traps are not attached, so in the line on the app for instance it is just blank

Could it be that you haven’t assigned the traps to the line. What lines are not showing traps or what traps should be on a line?

Hi @simyhazard I have found the issue. You haven’t assigned the traps to a trap line. I have pasted the page on the comprehensive user guide that will be able to help you to do this. Bulk editing installat... | Trap.NZ Help & User guides Feel free to use the help desk if you have any other problems

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Great yip this is it thanks for help.

A little not intuitive, I would have thought when creating lines the traps would be added automatically rather than a double step?

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Unfortunately as there is usually a lot of lines in a project it may be a little confusing. It is much easier to add line when initially setting up the installation on your project. This can be done both by the website and the trap.NZ App.