Liquid mayo recipe

For those of you using a liquid mayo, I have created a recipe. I use it in an AT220 but I am not claiming it is a direct substitute for AT’s proprietary product.

90 g Apple Vinegar
2 x Egg yolk (or 2 tbsp soy lecithin)
400 g Peanut oil
0.75 tsp Salt
0.5 tsp Potassium sorbate (optional)

Add the vinegar, salt, and potassium sorbate and egg yolk to a blender.
Progressively add peanut oil while blending.

I chose apple vinegar and peanut oil because (maybe) the smell and taste will be attractive to rats and possums. Potassium sorbate is preservative used in commercial mayo products. Egg yolk/lecithin is an emulsifier (which means it stabilizes the oil water emulsion).


Is this working well? Have you tried cinnamon in the mix?

Hi Cam, no I haven’t added cinnamon. Is that what the flecks are in the AT product? Very easy to do. I have used it for about six months without a problem. I think if the trap is sitting in the sun perhaps it will clog up, but I am not convinced that the AT product is any different in that respect. My possum numbers are very low so I can only comment on rats - which seem to like it.

Yes, there is cinnamon in the AT mix. We’re just starting out with the AT220, so I look forward to seeing the results.

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Hi Dan good on you for trying this and sharing what you did, In some ways the mixture would depend on what you are most keen on targeting, plus of course not clogging up.
Possums for example like sweetness in my own modified paste for Sentinel traps per 1 kg of lure I use Cinnamon 4 teaspoons 1 tsp mixed spice powdered stuff from supermarket, plus 6 teaspoons of icing sugar.
As you know with possums it’s good to mix up lures every few months , which if you are making your own mix for AT220 you can mix things up

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