Live Cage Traps shopping

Where is the best place ( assuming more than one?) to buy cage traps for cats and possums.
Also intersted in networking solution options for live trap notifications for cages so don’t have to run off to check every day.

Answering my own question seems easy for part of my question

Connovation have walk through traps that may be better for cats as they can see through as in a tunnel, a little less scary for them. Also Encounter Solutions can help with nodes for trap activation.

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I have one of these traps (for pukekos, possums… and it works well.


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Hi all
here is a link to a new version of live animal capture trap that has doors closing at both ends, which may help encourage target species to enter as they can see through the cage.
Trap Tunnel | Live Animal Cage Trap | Connovation

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I bought one of these with the sensor. May be a good solution for you. Shop – Predator Free Franklin

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Seconded on the Predator Free Franklin trap. Because it’s double-ended, it catches heaps more because the pests feel safe walking in. After all, (they think) there’s a clear exit to bolt for. So they feel happier about investigating the lure, and then, Blam! Sensor and automated lure make a big difference too.
Heaps of info here. Tāwhiti – Smart Cage – Predator Free Franklin

Unfortunately they are all out of stock according to their website.

I have adapted a econode to two different cage traps one i have raised the antenna on a pole connected to the cage trap

Trapworks are the best traps for cats and the magpie cage is amazing. Cat is secure and unhurt with an amazing pressure plate. Removed 200 magpies from around township a number no one was expecting.


They don’t have a tunnel trap though for those feral felines, also on their website tehy are out of stock of most things.

Trust me they work. Ring them.

We have a lot of cage traps here at Aoraki-Mt Cook and some very wary cats so I want to trial a walk through per the Connovation ones and the Havahart ones Easytek used to carry ( The 1030)

Hi Simon,
We use the large cage trap PTR1009 from, along with celium platform nodes up here in the Craigieburns and around Castle Hill. Some success so far but as we all know those feral cats are cunning buggers & can take a while to catch. Double-ended traps might be better but they cost more. A key point is having fresh bait for them. Celium Platform; talk to Simon at Encounter Solutions, they have numerous installations around the country. Good support there.

But we are catching some cats and possum too!
DJ, Craigieburn Trapping Alliance

These are made by Maintrac and are a bit expensive but VERY efficient .
I try and add some dirt or pine needles to hide the metal on the floor .
You can also put a cover over it to conceal it a bit more .

Good Luck

These are also sold thru Connovation Trap Tunnel | Live Animal Cage Trap | Connovation
I hadn’t heard of Maintrac. Cheers.

Who pays for the Celium platform DJ?

We pay for that, through various funding sources, eg. Craigieburn Environment Trust.

Anyone tried these - markedly cheaper ($145 vs $240 ex GST) same size or close to.