Logging kills on this site

I think there should be a very prominent link to entering kills. This is my first time using the page, and all I want to do is enter a kill, but I’ve been scrolling around all over the place wasting a lot of time, and even reading these forum post to try to figure it out. It’s annoying and if I don’t find it soon I’m going to log out without logging my kill and never come back. Sort it out.

Nope, didn’t find it. And the getting started guide was no help. I just wasted about 45 minutes. If you want successful buy in from people, you have to make it easy for them.

Hi David - you should have received a link for adding kills (it may have ended up in your spam folder - this happens sometimes)

You can generate a new link here, or if you are already logged in it will take you directly to add catch records for your trap(s):

The main Trap.NZ site was originally designed for reserve type predator control and monitoring projects. The quick catch adding interface above is a recent development and will be linked into the main site soon.

Hi David
If you want please call me on 3229985 or 027 4332154
I have managed to worked out how to log kills and can show you how I did it


Mike J

the phone app is the best way to enter kills , way easier than the web site , plus you can do it at the time of seeing the kill, would that work ?

Hi Dave

Hey when I go into the backyard.trap .nz link the map does not show all my traps. How do I fix this please.