Logging traps is not user friendly

This site is not the easiest or that user friendly to log a kill! Oh well I have managed/bothered to enter 5 kills in the almost year I have had the trap on here, but it’s probably more like 10 kills. Reason being the rat liked to be by the bbq… new kill in 4 hrs it took … bbq pork chop scrap… gottem’

Hi Brenda,

It’s really easy via the app. It shouldn’t take more than 20 seconds, and ideally quicker than that.


Something about cooked meat hey. Heard some good stories about roast chicken and rats.


Ha ha yeah definitely!
Is there a link to download the app? Or is it in the App Store?

Links are on the help page, or Trap.nz 2019 in the App Store… Bet you’ve found that already.