Losing records from phone to Internet

Today I recorded three records, they showed on the log when offline but now I have wifi they have disappeared from teh log and NOT updated onto the TrapNZ website for Duntulm Farm. Is there a problem because I have two projects? It has worked ok sometimes but I fear other records have gone too.

Hi RatGirl,

Which app version have you got (Menu > About > Version)?


It did it again today. I wouldn’t mind so much if it didn’t appear to delete the log too, without updating!
Can we have Hare as a pest species too please?

Okay, v3.1.3/4 is out. I’d suggest upgrading to that as it fixed a few known bugs. Please let me know how that goes too.

Hare, sure thing, we’ll put that on the list.

Have downloaded latest. Pity it doesn’t tell me there’s a new version. Will try tomorrow…