Lost data due to uploading a trap for the second time by mistake

Kia ora Team

I am working through the Gouland Downs project retiring A24 traps that have been swapped out for DOC200s and importing the new positions into the project via a bulk upload
I have noticed I have done a duplicate entry for the traps on the Corkscrew Creek line, CC015, CC016, CC017 and CC018. These were initially entered as installed on the 2022-06-23. Since entering in the installed date as 2022-09-09 the information has over rode the primary trap and its records, the secondary trap remains however. Is this retrievable?
I will delete the ones that have the incorret installation date which should only leave the secondary trap. Let me know if I will need to manually delete and re enter the traps and their records again as I cannot see a way to just import the primary traps again and have them link to the secondary.

Hey don’t worry about this as Ive found what’s going on and have solved it! It wasn’t missing after all

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Great to hear, let us know if we can help in future