Lost traps in walking line

When I open Trap.nz go to line all looks well on the map with traps shown but when I touch walk the line no trap locations show, everything else is ok. Difficult to know when you are near or missed trap if proximity alert isn’t heard. Any ideas

Has the proximity feature worked for you in the past? It would be good to know a bit more detail. Feel free to send a query through to the helpdesk Need help? | Trap.NZ. I’m not sure if you were also having an issue with not hearing the alerts so I’ve pasted the help doc to change your alert volumes here for you
My Walk the Line alert... | Trap.NZ Help & User guides

The proximity feature worked well, just no traps showing on line when in walk line mode, shows otherwise

kia ora @adriandavisnz I’m sending this through to the help desk so I can ask more questions about your project / lines etc