Make sensor heartbeat/report overdue status for 24-hour period, currently it is status since midnight

Hi, the red/green wifi symbol shows heartbeat/sensor report in as status since midnight. Can we make it show the status of last 24hours. i.e. the sensor has or has not reported in in the last 24 hours.
Currently it is status based on ‘from midnight’, but doing early morning trap records before work the status is a lot of red wifi symbols for our Celium sensors since a lot have not checked in since midnight but the sensors have checked in within 24hours. So, the feature as it is currently on TrapNZ is a bit useless for our needs and we have to refer back to the TrapWatch or the Encounter Solutions portal to check heartbeat/report in communication status for traps.
It would be fine using midnight if we were checking the traps in the afternoon but not many trappers do that.