Make your own hexmap

Back in August 2019, Groundtruth/ posted in the forum about a way to present maps without revealing the locations of traps.

Although the method is not formally documented a link to a demonstration was provided and an invitation to modify and use the code.

I put this to one side for later investigation and eventually began to examine the code and reverse engineered it to suit my local project and affiliated projects in Porirua.

This is what I ended up with:

I’m not a web developer by any stretch but I managed to figure it out and hacked with it a bit to make it look the way I wanted. You don’t need a web server for it to work with while you are tinkering, it just runs directly in a web browser from the files on your computer. You can upload those to a web site once you are happy with it.

Anyway, here are some notes on how I modified the sample.

As I mentioned before, I am not a web developer, I work in IT and I know enough about coding to be dangerous. I didn’t write the code, I only messed with it.
If you have any helpful tips or advice to offer or even a total rewrite (There is very definitely some commented out code that looks like a work in progress that was there before I got my hands on it) please reply here.

Thanks David, I have been using the MMQGIS plugin to make hexes for our project. Easy enough to adjust the sizes in ha from the link below.


I can get to the google docs info, but the link to is not working for me. In fact I can’t even get to right now.

Hopefully just a temporary glitch?

Thanks for the heads up. It’s mended now,
I’m reasonably confident it wasn’t something I did that broke it.