Making projects show up in the app

Projects will only show in the Trap.NZ app if you have permission to add records. If the project you expect isn’t listed make sure your project administrator has given you an editing role on the project.

Occasionally projects will fail to load if there was a bad connection or the app can’t communicate with the website. If this happens try signing out of the app and back in again (make sure you have an internet connection at the time).

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I used to get my projects showing up on the app, but I recently changed phones to a later model iPhone and now they don’t show up when I log in via the app. These are project for which I am the project manager. Any suggestions please ??

Hi - Yes if you are an editor on a project it should appear on the app. If there was a connection issue of some sort at the time it may not have loaded the projects. Please try signing out of the app and signing in again. The projects may take a moment or two to appear. If that still doesn’t work please let us know (via thecontact form) and we’ll look into it further.


I originally had a project called “Test”. Later I changed the name to something more useful. Although the new name showed up on the website, it would not change on my phone no matter how much I would sync. I finally uninstalled and reinstalled the app and now the project shows up with the right name. No action needed; just a heads up.

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Sorry. My explanation may not have been clear.

The project was there on the app, but it would not update the name of the project after I changed it on the website. So on the website I had a project called “New Name” while on the app it was still called “Test”. No amount of sync’ing would fix it. But uninstalling and reinstalling the app worked fine.

Thanks for this - hopefully we can address it in the next app release.