Managing offline usage

Is it possible to logon to app and manage trap records or add traps when remote with no cellphone coverage and the app is offline? I have experimented by switching off wifi and data then logging in to App. I can see the map area but I can not see any trap traps, as soon as I put wifi back on the traps appear.

If I am already logged in before losing connection it works but if I inadvertently log out or phone switches off I can only view map with no traps showing.

This is becoming more of an issue in our area as we extend longer more remote lines which require overnight trips to check the traps and can’t rely on the phone and app staying on 100% of the time.

Yes, it works when out of cellphone coverage.
The issue could be in your app settings or maybe administration settings. What is your user level and what type of phone are you using?
Practise by putting your phone into flight mode and check Bluetooth and WiFi is off.

I have admin rights and using a Samsung S10e.

This is what I practiced turning wifi and data off.

Try logging in after losing connection

Yes this is what I have done and if I re log on then the traps are no longer visible.

I logged off, put in flight mode then try logging on and get message from App saying ‘Login requires network coverage’

My experience is as follows:-

  • if you are logged out of the app you must have internet connectivity in order to log in

  • if you are logged in and lose all connectivity you’ll still be logged in to the app and will have access to all your traps. Data you enter will eventually be uploaded when you next gain connectivity. Even if you turn off your phone and close the app you will still be logged on when you turn on the phone and open the app. Even without connectivity.

  • in the app’s menu the option to log off is unavailable if you have no internet connectivity

So, in theory if you are initially logged on you shouldn’t be logged out when you lose connectivity.

Thanks I tested that and yes if I sign out I can’t get back in but if I don’t sign out and switch off phone I can.

It is far from ideal as can’t just jog back into reception it we get it wrong and accidentally sign out? But if that is what works for now we will try to make sure we don’t sign-out.

My understanding is that if you are logged in, but have no connectivity, it is not possible to log out. The option isn’t available in the menu. In theory it shouldn’t be possible to “accidentally log out”? If you accidentally log out while you still have connectivity, yes, then you’ve problems when you enter a region with no connectivity.


That is correct.

To confirm, ‘authentication’ happens at the server, not in the app. You can’t login initially without having network coverage.

When offline the app keeps working, storing your records locally until you have network access again. At that point your login might have expired, in which case it will attempt to log you in again behind the scenes, then commit your records. If this fails the app should let you know and give some recovery options.

As SR1 points out, any means of logging out is disabled if you don’t have network coverage. We introduced that recently as we had trappers heading into the wilds for multi-day trips, logging out for what ever reason, and then having no means to log back in.

Is there any potential for the login to expire if you hit a pocket of reception when working remotely, could there be an option built into app for login not to expire?

Is there any potential for the login to expire if you hit a pocket of reception when working remotely?

Since v4.1.10 that shouldn’t happen. It might happen if you’ve not used the app for many months then open it for the first time in the low reception zone.

Could there be an option built into app for login not to expire?

Many security issues with that, so sadly no.

Airplane mode is what most people do to, battery saving is the nice by-product. When turning off airplane mode everything should sync. Even if your login expired it should sync the records once you’ve logged in again.