Manual Complete of a Line Not Doable

Hi, project name is South Titirangi Neighbourhood Network. Line is Okewa Reserve.

I’m a beta tester. Version 6.0.3-beta 7.

Today I went to do a line of traps and bait stations. I normally use ‘Manual Complete’ and then set the default values for the devices.

But today, even after selecting traps etc. the ‘Continue’ button down the bottom was greyed out.

If I press the ‘Continue’ button I get this:

NB: Just tried another couple of lines in our project and they look fine, but this one is still a problem…

Kia ora @davidnblake36 thank you for bringing this to our attention

Hi David,

Can you email us which particular line it is (support@trap…) That happens if you have a bait station on the line but haven’t selected a bait type.

It would pay to update the app to v6.0.3 open beta. A few bug fixed have gone it to the beta.


I emailed Andy. And updated.