Map of trap locations for backyard trapping groups

We have a Backyard trapping project and want to share a picture of the locations of all our traps with the no. of catches for each, but if I use the “Trap Records with map” report it doesn’t show the traps that haven’t made a trap entry on trap nz. All of the traps show up if I use the “Trap date last checked with map” report, but when I use this map people think the no. is the no. of catches…
I can’t use the project map on the opening page as it has the names of all the traps included, the names being people’s actual address.
Is there any way I can get all the traps loaded into the project showing up when using this first report?

Hi there

We can take a look at that. The traps records report will only show the trap locations that actually have records, but a simple option may be to add an optional layer underneath to show all trap locations.

If you do want to show all trap locations without addresses in the mean time, you can export the traps (link at the bottom of the traps page) as a KML and load it in Google Maps or Google Earth. This won’t show the catch counts though.