Member roles within Trap.NZ

Currently within a project, members can have the following roles:

  1. Member. This is the default role when a user joins a project. A member can only add/edit/delete their own traps and trap data. They will not be able to see or edit other traps (or bait and monitoring stations) within the project.

  2. Read-only Member. Can view data across an entire project, but cannot make changes. They can still add/edit/delete their own traps within a project, however.

  3. Editor. Can view and make changes to any traps and records across the entire project.

  4. Administrator. Can view and make changes across the entire project, and can manage other users. The administrator also has access to some additional functions such as bulk loading traps and bait stations, assigning traps to users, etc.

How do membership roles work with the mobile app?

As far as I can work out you need to have an Editor role or greater to be able to access via the mobile app. Is there a reason for this? I would of thought you would have the same level of access as via the website.

Yes that’s correct - you currently need to be an editor or admin on a project in order to be able to use the app as it is primarily designed for data capture (i.e. you need read/write access).

Agree - adding member trap record data from mobile would be very helpful.