Missing activation email

Hello. A potential member of the Upper Hutt Pinehaven project registered with Trap NZ, and attempted to join the project last Thursday. He received an email saying that his application was awaiting approval. As Administrator I expected to get an email requesting that he be Activated but it never arrived. I can see his entry in the Members list awaiting Activation. On Friday I revoked him and he repeated the Join process in front of my eyes. Exactly the same happened – he got a notification email but I did not get the activation request. What is going on ? BTW I received emailed activation requests of 2 other applicants that same day (in other projects) so the system seems to be working.

Hi Pat,

As a sanity check have you checked your junk folders? If they’re no in there we can take a look a little deeper.


Hi Andy
I’ve checked the Junk Mail and Spam folders and it is not in those folders. Furthermore other users activation requests have arrived at my email address. Upper Hutt Pinehaven has another administrator and she has also been receiving activation requests of everyone other than this particular person.
cheers, Pat

Hi Pat

I’ve you can please send details of the user (email address and name) and the project name to support@trap.nz we’ll look into it.