Missing data in trap reports

I like to check the trap records (one text line per trap) after I’ve entered a walk, all using the website version. Sometimes I notice a capture record missing for that day, there might be others. As soon as I hone in using tighter dates, or the species, or the trap type, the data magically appears again. It always counts on the trapper records, so it’s something to do with the search software for the trap records, and it doesn’t like open-ended dates (both those boxes left empty). I looked harder, deleted the entry and re-keyed it, no change. It works in the trap records once I am looking for the current month only, as soon as I go back to 30 November 2019 as a start date, or older, this entry is lost from the text report. I think the trap data for this unit is a bit special, we had a double entry of trap numbers and I deleted one, keyed all data into the other one a month or so ago.

It would also help in checking the trap record data, if any species caught were highlighted. Note that currently you can’t edit a trap point from the opening screen, you have to go into reports and open up a report page, and start from there. I didn’t notice this before.

It should not disappear - this issues has happened and been reported for some years.