Missing Records after Trap Retire

I retired a doc 200 trap, no records (with a supplementary trap - with previous records) , when I added the supplementary trap back with exactly the same name I do not see any previous records.

Hi Mooihoek,

Can you provide some more detail please. So far I understand you’ve retired the parent trap, but it’s not clear what you’ve then added the supplementary back to. The correct procedure is to retire a trap, then un-retire when when required. It sounds like you’ve tried to reinstate the supplementary trap by creating a new one with the same name?

Can you supply the trap id (it is the number at the end of the URL when you are on the traps web page, not to be confused with the trap Code.)


thanks for the reply Andy, I’ve reinstated the original trap now, moved this to new location. What I want to do now is move the supplementary trap to another location, whats the best way to do this?

In that case you should retire them both and create new installations at the new positions. A trap installation within trap.nz is the combination of the hardware and the location. The records associated with that trap show the captures at that spot with that type of hardware. If you were to simply move the traps coordinates your capture reporting would become misleading.

Note that the records from a retired trap still appear in your reports.

Ok so when the new installation is created although the overall trap records are visible in the reports there wont be any previous trap history on the new installations?

That’s correct, but you can see the retired installations and their records at any time on the traps overview page by selecting ‘Retired’ from the dropdown: