Mobile app: Bait remaining/removed values can't be manually adjusted if bait station is auto-populated by "walk line" feature

Phone : Samsung S20
Android version : 12
Kernel : 4.19.87-24107789 (Wed Aug 24 2022)
App version : 5.0.4
Feature : Walk Line

The extremely useful “Walk Line” feature lets you select the installations you will be checking during your trapping round. You can specify a default entry for each installation type, which is then entered automatically when you are near the installation.

The trapper can edit the values after they have been populated automatically, e.g. to indicate a catch in a trap.

The defaults offered for a Bait Station are limited to Bait Type and Bait Added, since you typically wouldn’t want to default either Bait Remaining or Bait Removed, as those fields would both vary with each bait station checked.

Current Behaviour

The app currently sets an implicit default value of bait remaining = 0g. This cannot then be manually edited during the line walk, since the bait remaining and bait removed fields are not visible when manually editing a record where the defaults have been set based on the trapper’s proximity:

Expected Behaviour

  1. Both bait remaining and bait removed fields should be visible when manually adjusting a bait station record that has been automatically populated when walking a line.

  2. The bait remaining field value should not default to 0g when walking a line, since it’s unlikely every bait station will be fully emptied, so the field will have to be manually set each time anyway.

Steps to reproduce

  1. On the android app, select Lines > then select a line that includes at least two bait station installations, one of which is near your current physical location.
  2. Tap Walk Line and specify Line Walk Defaults, noting that only Bait added is available for bait station type. Click continue to start walking the line
  3. Move close enough to the Bait Station installation to have the defaults applied
  4. Tap to edit the bait station installation that had defaults applied and note that Bait Remaining and Bait Removed fields are not visible.
  5. If you then check records submitted to you will see that the Bait remaining field value has been automatically set to 0g.
  6. Tap a Bait station further along the trap line which hasn’t had the defaults applied and note that Bait Remaining and Bait Removed fields are visible and can be set as required.


The notes field can be used to record the amount of bait remaining and/or removed in a bait station when walking a line. The submitted records can then each be edited to reflect those values.