Monitoring for Stoats - best lure suggestions

The group I am working with in the Coromandel have been monitoring for the last 15 years, using tracking tunnels and cards. The monitoring has mainly focused on rats, mice, the occasional possum, plus insect presence. Using the existing monitoring lines, I’d like to do some dedicated monitoring for stoats, following the best practice guidelines of leaving the tracking card out for three consecutive days. I may also set up some trail cameras on some tunnels to record pest interaction while the bait is in place.

What have others used to be the most effective lure bait for stoats using tracking tunnels?
Options I have recently read about include; fresh rabbit, chicken necks, good nature blood lure (which is convenient as its in a pouch).
Appreciate any suggestions that are easily sourced and carried.

If you want to stick with the protocol then go with fresh rabbit.

Hijacking thread, sorry: So for stoats you leave the same card there for 3 nights? And for rats etc it’s just one night aye?

@davidnblake36 You are correct in that the stoat monitoring card is out for 3 nights (rats only 1 night). I’m just trying to ascertain what is the best lure for stoats. Fresh rabbit is hard to come by here. Thanks

Tricky if rabbit is hard to come by, I suppose you could substitute it for other raw meat (chicken etc.)

You should consider other monitoring methods such as baited cameras. It might give you a better indication of the numbers. ZIP make a lure dispenser (mayo) that you can put a camera on.

Our group in nelson has been using chicken necks for the 3 day stoat monitoring. I am interested in putting out some cameras and lure. Can some recommend a good brand of monitoring camera thanks