Monitoring of tree flowering/seeding

Kia ora, I was wondering if it would be possible to add a new type of monitoring please?
I’d like to mark specific trees (in this case kohekohe) and monitor them a set times of the year scoring flowering and/seed set. I thought a basic score would be best 1 = poor flowering 2 = average 3 = good flowering. And have dropdown option to chose flowering or seed set. Success of kohekohe flowering is a good indicator of possum browse pressure in our area.

Veg monitoring name - [e.g. kohekohe flowering]
Monitoring type - [flowering/seed set/browse damage/seedling density …]
Score - [1/2/3]
Notes - […]

Nga mihi, Meg

Kia ora,

You have some control of the monitoring types via project categories. Please take a look at Project Categories.

For our project we use camera monitoring types for recovery. As you say Kohekohe is a great early indicator of possum reduction, at all sizes.

Ngā mihi,