Monitoring record : "None" only monitoring fields available

We have recently started to monitor and added a few tracking Tunnels.
We have collected our tracking cards.
However, when we go to create a record on Trap.NZ on any device (mobile, laptop) and for any users (admin or trapper), the data fields don’t offer any options.
Here are the results we get from the different Data fields (please also see screen shot attached):
Monitoring Species → None / Unspecified / Other
Bait Lure → None (and none to all other fields).
Recording Monitoring_Trap.NZ

Could you help us to unlock these options so we can record the monitoring datas?

Many thanks and kind regards,


kia ora @Karekare_Landcare_Ad You can add the terms you want to view from the “project categories”. Here is the link to the help doc detailing how to add terms to your project options Project Categories | Trap.NZ Help & User guides