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I have been entering details of our Chew Card monitoring stations under a monitoring project. Is there anyway to create a map reports, like the heat map, to showing the mapped areas with different predator results?

Also it would be good to have a measurement on monitoring for Chew Cards showing the level or sale of chewing e.g. a rating system 1 to 3.


Hi Philip. Thanks for this. We hope to be rolling out some more monitoring reports over the next few days. I’ve logged your suggestion for the rating system.

Hi There,

I just wanted to follow up on this query, I am one of the trustees with the Wakatipu Wild Trust and we have more that 35 community groups using I am encouraging them all to monitor from day one but at this stage the reporting for monitoring is not that useful and a heatmap would be ideal for either long lines or complex networks for monitoring and planning trap layouts.

Is this still in the pipeline for development?

Also with chew cards it would be good to rate the level of chewing, again would be useful in the reporting.


Hi Phil

Thanks yes - they are in the pipeline! Working on them at the moment and we should be able to start adding them over the next few weeks.

I’ll ask about the chewing level. Is this something that is commonly recorded?

The Trap.NZ team

Yes , I typically rank chew level from 1 to 3 (or light medium and heavy chewing), so if a heat map report used that data any area that had most cards heavily chewed could then show up better on a heat map. Similar to a trap line with traps having the most catches.



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This is a related question. I just uploaded 3 years of CSV flies of monitoring reports and was expecting to find a table or map showing the results. The only result I can see is for one station I had incorrectly numbered, and so manually entered the results after correcting the number . I can find the records in Monitoring - Manage Records - but they are dated 1 Jan 70. What am I doing wrong and do I have to associate monitoring stations with a line?

The problem was that the date format I used was not one of the allowed values, so I deleted all the records, amended the CSV files and re-imported them. All the results are there now, but another reason for my confusion was that I assumed positive detections would be shown on the map as catches are, and now see that this is only just underway. That will be great when it is started. I may add some lines which will be useful for looking at high activity areas. Thanks.