Monitoring Showing Up When Not Selected

Why do the monitoring sites show up when they’ve been unselected from the filters? It removes them from the map, but not from the servicing pages? When using the back or forward arrows at the bottom of the page to get to the next trap or bait station, if there’s a monitoring site on the Line it can appear next along the Line. Only the selected filters should show up on the servicing pages

Kia ora Christine,

The filters were only ever to limit what is shown on the map. I can see your thinking that it could extend to limiting the the serviceable installations. We would want to review UX before making such change.

Please take a look at the new Walk the Line features of v5 (live today) as it gives the option of which line installations you intend to service.


The Walk Line feature does some of what I want, but still has the monitoring listed. It would be good to be able to unselect the monitoring stations. How do you order the bait stations and traps when they’re in the incorrect position on the list? Nearly all appear to be in the correct running order, but a few are out of place.

Has the help section been updated with what the new features are and how to use them? I don’t know what all the icons do. Can you explain them please?

I’m looking forward to trying out the new features, and hoping that the app will function when I’m out of service coverage. I’ve often had a blank screen with just the icons, and had no way of logging on as there’s no service where I work. I’ve logged on before leaving home, but when I go to use the app, I’ve got a blank white screen, with just the icons. It’s very frustrating as I’ve rarely used the app recently.

Re: Line ordering, there is a legacy issue with ordering in that years ago it wasn’t envisaged that lines would be a mix of installations, it’s now of course common practice. We are working on a much nicer way of managing this.

For the moment there are some work arounds but you need an understanding of how the ordering works. In short it sorts on ‘weight’ (described here) then on installation code (alpha numeric name.) To guaranteed correct ordering you would make weight of all installations the same, then use a naming scheme across all installations that gives the order you want (lineX-0001, lineX-0002, or something line that.)

I would be inclined to wait for the management tools.

Re: Help section for new features. Yes we are working on this now.

Re: App troubles. V5 is a major overhaul. It is will have some niggles initially but overall it is a much more stable release.

Hope that helps,