Monitoring time since last check

I find that when uploading my tracking tunnel data the app shows the time since last check as the start date. Eg. cards put out on the 10th and retrieved on the 17th show as 7 days ago, on the day collected, when I would expect to see ‘today’. Similarly because of this the icon quickly turns from having a green border (checked today) to a grey one. Is it possible to change this? Cheers

Hi Amy,

There is an update for this in v3.1.12. It was incorrectly using the ‘Start Date’ from the previous record as the start date for the next record. It now uses the ‘End Date’ as the next start date.

If you enter an End Date that earlier than ‘Today’ it will still remove the green border, let me know if that is an issue.


Hi Andy,

Thanks for that, I’ve updated my app to v3.1.12. But unfortunately it still seems to display the same way, using the start date. I’ve tested by submitting a record with the End Date ‘Today’ but it doesn’t stay that way, after a sync with the server reverted to using the start date.


Thanks Amy, I’ll take a look and get it sorted.

Thanks Andy, it does now indeed seem to be working. Additionally, would it be possible to prefill the start date with the end date from the previous record for that station? (I realise that’s probably a lot more work than it sounds)