Monthly Catch Total reports leave out Magpies


Neither of the Monthly Catch Totals reports (chart or table) include Magpies.

The options for the chart allows selection of species but Magpies are not included. The table version of the report doesn’t give that option at all. It would seem to make more sense for both to provide that select option similarly, and of course for all pests to be equally selectable!

Those magpies are a nuisance! Thanks for the heads up. We should have this sorted shortly.

Thanks Dan.

Just so you know the other problem I emailed you about appears to have been corrected - that was trap locations not showing properly on maps some of the time - the workaround I found eventually was to select “Retired”, and this made them all appear even though they were NOT retired.

I see someone else (Robbie in “Track record maps not working”) also seemed to experiencing the same thing.

Cheers, Clive


I see Magpies are now appearing in their own column in the Monthly Catch Totals report but the Magpie count is still not included in the totals column on the right!



Please see my previous post above (18 Nov 2018). The Totals column still does not include the count of Magpies. For example, in the Owhango Alive project, look the at the Monthly Catch Totals report for November 2018. Two magpies were dispatched, and including those the total should be 62, but the value shown is 60.


Consider this bumped! We’ve logged the issue, hope to address it shortly.