Monthly catch totals chart going haywire?

Hi, this morning I saw an interesting post on FaceBook relating to how rat catches go down over winter, with the writer wondering why.

So I decided to look at our catch rates each month and see if we observed the same pattern here at South Titirangi Neighbourhood Network.

This is the chart I get:

Now, straight away I see we have 2 months where the catch total is around 200. This can not be correct, we simply don’t have that many devices out there.

So I checked the trap records and for both of those months, we caught nothing like that number. In February of 2021 we have 6 records, with 1 catch each - so a total of 6. And in July of 2021 we had 35 records with 1 catch each, so a total of 35 catches.

Can someone check this please? It’s important this report is accurate.

I’ve sent this through to our help desk to have a look at

Can you please let me know what filters you used when generating the report. Thanks

Here they are.

For clarity: Dates as shown. Project is South Titirangi Neighbourhood Network, all lines, all trap types, Species = rat (or the 3 types of rat all selected, doesn’t matter).

Other fields as they were.

@davidnblake36 I get a totally different chart. I’m wondering if you’ve accidently created a multi- project report this is a screen shot of what I see, is this closer to what you were expecting

This is what I see, which looks like it’s what you’re expecting to see:

Yes, this is what I see. I hadn’t selected a project when I first posted. I think that’s a relatively new field right?

I don’t see this. I see what scottw has below.

I wasn’t selecting a particular project, I assumed since I was in South Titirangi Neighbourhood Network that I’d see a report for that.

Has the project selection box been recently added?

Yes, this report has recently been changed to allow reports across multiple projects. The table version of this report already did that, so this update was to bring them in line.

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