Monthly Catch Totals Chart

I was looking at this chart in the reports area today and noticed that the number of rats caught shown on the chart is less than in the records. 3 on the chart, 5 in the records.

This seems to be because when the person cleared the trap, they entered ‘Rat - ship’ in the species caught section. This was done twice. The other 3 were entered as ‘Rat’.

Should the monthly catch totals chart not include all rat species?


Yep I think it should.


Yeah It should. It’s a bug at the moment where they count “Rat - Ship” as a separate animal.


Looks like this bug has not been fixed yet?
Quite annoying as I want to show all rats on the chart.
Also can I download the chart or only a csv file?

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It was fixed a long time ago and appears to still be fixed:

Do you have a specific example where the count appears to be incorrect?