Monthly catch totals table no longer a reports option?

Kia ora. It looks like the ‘monthly catch totals table’ is no longer an option in reports menu, is this the case? It was a useful report, and we usually use for our monthly mail out to all backyard trappers. Any alternatives for a simple report on species per month? Pest Free Paremata.

Kia ora Kellie,

You’re in luck, it’s still there:


Thanks Andy, I tried this report option, its called “Multi-project monthly catch totals table”. It is different than the “monthly trap catch table” that was previously an option. This report only lets me select a particular line, rather than all traps in the project.

However, just tried the monthly totals chart and it seems to work on the desktop rather than mobile version if I hover over the dots, so we are all good.

The line(s) field is optional, if you select a line(s) it will filter on that/those lines, however it you don’t select any lines it will show all records. Same goes for project, project type, trap type, and tags.

Use shift+click or ctrl+click (command on mac) to add/remove the selections.

So probably still the report you are after, just a little more powerful…