Monthly kills by pest

Hi, as an Admin, under “Reports”, I used to be able to easily see monthly kill data, in a tabular form, ie, one line per month, a column for each predator, for as many months as I selected. That report option seems to have gone. There is a Chart option, but I was seeking the raw data. Please advise me. Thanks, Paul for predatorfreesumnerbays

Kia ora Paul,

Is this the report you’re looking for?
Multi-project monthly catch totals table

Ngā mihi,

Thanks Sarah. I tried that, but failed to get much data. But I did get some data for two trap lines, so it was some sort of step forward. I suspect it only reported for part of the project, not all traps, or all lines. Please, how do I reset it to report for all species and all traps and lines, which used to be my default? The only thing I would change was the start date. Sometimes I wanted maybe the last year, sometimes from 2017, ie, from when our project started.

Monthly totals chart

Cheers, Paul

Hi Paul,

I can confirm this report still exists and works the way you describe. Perhaps you can send a screen shot and the URL you are using to so we can see what’s going wrong for you.