Monthly changelog - 29.02.2024


  • Performance improvements to many parts of the website including:
    • Significant speed improvements to the Trap date last checked with map Report
    • Bait station date last checked with map and Monitoring station date last checked with map now roughly twice as fast.
    • Project overview pages will now load significantly faster on first load after not been viewed in a while. Note: we’ve increased the time in which Project stats (kill counts, trap counts etc) are cached for on the Project Overview page map. These can now take up to 5-6 hours to refresh. These numbers can still be found in real time on the appropriate reports.
    • The Kill count statistics available in the hex map feeds is now 2-3 times faster and will now cache results.
    • A number of smaller speed improvements under the hood, especially in our APIs. The impact of these changes will mostly be felt in peak times.


Open beta (v6.2.19)

  • Auto-suffix codes for new installations
  • Usability improvements for login
  • Record syncing bug fixes
  • Internal error logging enhancements

Closed beta

  • Adhoc records
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Thanks for all your work! I was just saying to my crew a few days ago that when I did the app training last year it was neat to see and hear the different ways people use trapNZ, and the different needs that people and projects have. You guys do a fantastic job catering to a very broad range of needs and demands, so thank you and well done!

Neat to see ad-hoc records making it’s way closer too!

Thanks @tui_kraal we appreciate your feedback

Hi Lenore, this is a great new functionality and it will really help our work and reporting.
Could you please clarify the legend and the meaning of the colors and the numbers inside the bait stations?
Thank you!

@Karekare_Landcare_Ad the numbers are the amount of days since last checked and the colours are the number of weeks since checked
1 week: green
2 weeks: yellow
3 weeks: light orange
4 weeks: orange
5 weeks: red orange
6 weeks+: red