Mouse trapping grid inside predator fence

we are constructing a small 1.8 Ha mouse proof (well to our best ability!) fence and want to clear mice from inside the fence and maintain a detection and incursion response network. We are reluctant to use toxins unless we need to though are willing for the initial knock down phase. Could anyone share their best mouse trap station design. I am thinking a 10-15m square grid with a 2-4 trap station at grid station initially and reduce to hot spots as required. Design of trap station itself- tunnel/trap choice plus comments on spacing very welcome. I dont expect any rats inside so this is a mouse targetting out gecko and inverts can thrive. Daily checking will not be practical.

Maybe reach out directly to folks that have already tried that, like Sanctuary Mountain Maungatautari.

Auckland Council has a pretty good document covering pest control (including mice) - you can download it here.

I have had success with victor easy-set traps in DOC design wooden tunnel for victor rat traps. These have a yellow treadle plate with holes in. I secure a piece of cotton wool to the plate with garden twist-tie and add a few drops of peanut oil. I do this in preference to peanut butter as I was finding ants and beetles were stealing that. They can be bought in boxes of 72 from amazon. Make sure the tunnels are long enough that birds can’t reach the traps.